About Me

I want to tell you about me. My story.


It began about 5 years ago. I was unhappy in my career and even more unhappy in my relationship. I had this feeling that there was more out there but was unsure of what that was or where to begin.


In an effort to regain some form of myself I quit my job and my boyfriend and began to travel. It was when I found myself in Bali on a Yoga retreat where my mind slowed down enough and the exercise and healthy eating made me feel more alive than I ever had been in recent years. It was wonderful. However, the bubble burst when I returned home and reconnected with the same boyfriend and worked in another job that made me feel just the same as the last one. I figured that this was just how life was meant to be and so two years later I was married, raising a beautiful baby and had everything that was ‘supposed’ to make me happy - the huge house, cars and money. 


Something was still missing. 


June 5th, 2016 became a defining moment, a date that I will remember as a turning point in my life. It was the day that turned my world upside down and changed everything. I have never really been a spiritual person, but I whole-heartedly believe that the universe finally answered my ever-present question of “is that all there is?” and for the first time I saw my life clearly, and I didn’t much like what I saw. I had become someone I no longer recognised. Where was that clear-headed, strong woman on the yoga retreat? How did she let her life get to this point?


I knew in that moment I had a choice to make. Continue living this life - forever wishing there was something more… Or I could DO something now and make the changes myself. There was no question as to which road I had to take; yet it was one of the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make. I felt a huge amount of grief and sadness for the life I was about to leave, not to mention the great chasm of fear in front of me - fear of the unknown, fear of raising a child alone, I felt like I was barely treading water. After a few months of the shock wearing off I knew I needed help. 


I found myself a life coach. 


I had so much anger, sadness and guilt inside me that I had no idea how to handle it and it was holding me back. How could I move forward if I was stuck in the emotions of the past? My coach allowed me to be open and vulnerable. As a result my confidence grew and that enabled me to start making conscious decisions that empowered me to make better life choices and move myself in a positive direction. 


A life of my own. 


I found this experience so powerful that I wanted to do the same for others. So here I am. And here you are. You may be lost, emotionally or physically stuck, perhaps feeling like something is missing. You may be experiencing fear of the unknown, unsure of where to go from here as you lack clarity and self confidence. Believe me I know these feelings well. So if any of my story or my words resonate with you - connect with me. I would love to share these practical steps and tools to help you move towards a fulfilling and exciting life of your own. 


Vanessa xx


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